Fundamentals of Hydrogen and Carbon Capture

Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the basic science behind climate change, international efforts to combat it, and the key concepts and strategies driving the transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon future. Learners will gain a solid understanding of the science, policies, and technologies involved in mitigating climate change and achieving international decarbonization goals.

By the end of this course, learners will have a solid grasp of the science of climate change, international decarbonization efforts, the role of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and carbon capture technologies. They will also be informed about the latest developments and projects in Singapore and other regions related to climate change mitigation and decarbonization.

Who Should Attend
  • Process industry engineers who are keen to pivot into the hydrogen / CCUS economy of the future

  • Early / Mid career professionals who are looking to understand the full value chain of hydrogen and carbon capture

  • Business managers who are offering solutions along the hydrogen / CCUS value chain

Course Duration

1.5 days

Day 1: 9am - 5pm

Day 2: 9am - 1pm

Total Training Duration (Hour)

11 hours

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • International Decarbonization Efforts
  • Singapore’s commitment to decarbonisation


Module 2: Hydrogen as a decarbonisation approach

  • Understanding the role of hydrogen as an energy carrier
  • Green hydrogen value chain
  • Renewable power sources and their role in hydrogen production
  • Electrolysis as a method of hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen compression technologies
  • Hydrogen storage technologies
  • Hydrogen carriers such as NH3, LOHC, and LH2
  • End use applications of hydrogen
  • Power generation
  • Furnaces / boilers
  • Mobility
  • Hard-to-abate sectors such as cement, steel, aviation, shipping industry
  • Key Stakeholders and Market Leaders
  • Overview of hydrogen-related initiatives in Singapore and the region
  • Guest Presentation by industry OEMs: Leading technologies in the use of hydrogen and ammonia for power generation

Module 3: Carbon Capture, Storage, and Utilization

  • Understanding the role of carbon capture in decarbonisation
  • Carbon capture value chain
  • Type of carbon capture technologies
  • Consolidation of CO2
  • Export of CO2
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Carbon capture in the context of Blue Hydrogen and Blue Ammonia
  • Overview of carbon capture, utilization, and storage initiatives in Singapore and the region

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance from SEAS upon completion.

SCEM: Up to 9.5 PDU Points



Course Objectives

To provide adult learners with a broad understanding in

  • global decarbonisation initiatives and efforts
  • the full value chain of hydrogen, its associated carriers as well as end use applications
  • the full value chain of carbon capture, utilisation and sequestration
  • technology options and key stakeholders relating to both hydrogen and carbon capture

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Mr Ng Kian Soon is an engineering consultant at Kellogg Brown & Root Singapore. With a background in chemical engineering, he started his career in industrial energy efficiency, performing energy improvement studies for refineries and petrochemical plants. In recent years, Kian Soon has delivered multiple clean hydrogen and carbon capture studies both for Singapore and international clients across private and public sectors.

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