ISO 14064 for Corporate Sustainability: Strategies and Tools

Course Overview

Managing Carbon Footprints: Principles and Practices is a comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, measure, and manage carbon footprints within organizational settings. Throughout this course, participants will delve into the intricacies of the carbon cycle, learn about carbon accounting standards and guidelines, and explore methodologies for calculating and mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The course emphasizes practical applications, including hands-on experience with GHG management software and reporting tools.

Complimentary one-year license for NXMap, Evercomm's exclusive carbon management and reporting software, to all SMEs*.


NXMap revolutionizes carbon footprint calculations by providing detailed insights down to the activity level. The solution harnesses a proprietary digital platform alongside IoT and sensor technologies to seamlessly gather, monitor, analyze, and compare energy usage data from diverse sources. The resulting energy performance metrics are automatically converted into real-time carbon footprint values, adhering to ISO-14064-1 standards. NXMap serves as the essential first step for businesses embarking on their sustainability journey.


NXMap has earned accolades in prestigious competitions like the COP28 UAE Techsprint and Microsoft’s Singapore Greentech Challenge 2023.


* SMEs are defined as enterprises with operating receipts not exceeding $100 million or employing fewer than 200 workers, while non-SMEs are defined as enterprises with operating revenue exceeding $100 million and employing more than 200 individuals. Each SME is eligible to receive one license.

Course Duration

1 Day

Total Training Duration (Hour)

7 hours

Course Outline
  • Introduction to Carbon Cycle and Carbon Footprinting 
  • Introduction to Carbon Accounting Standards and Guidelines
  • Understanding Company’s Scope, Sources and Organizational Boundaries for GHG Emissions 
  • Calculating Your Organization GHG emission in alignment to ISO standard
  • Verification and Green Financing 
  • Hands-on utility of GHG management software (NXMap Platform) and reporting 

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance from SEAS upon completion.

SCEM: Up to 7 PDU Points



Course Objectives

The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Understand the carbon cycle and its relevance to carbon footprint management.
  2. Apply international carbon accounting standards and guidelines effectively.
  3. Identify, categorize, and calculate organizational GHG emissions in alignment with ISO standards.
  4. Recognize the importance of third-party verification and green financing in carbon management.
  5. Utilize GHG management software, particularly the NXMap Platform, for data analysis and reporting.
  6. Communicate GHG emissions data effectively within organizational contexts.
  7. Develop and implement strategies for mitigating carbon footprints and promoting sustainability.

Overall, participants will be prepared to contribute to sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship within their organizations.

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Dr Shana Yong is an accomplished sustainability expert from Malaysia, leads TrinityECO Pte. Ltd. as startup in Singapore, a consulting firm specializing in sustainability solutions. With a Ph.D. in Business and an MBA in Marketing, she excels in sustainability consulting, material reporting, carbon accounting, and sustainability training. TrinityECO collaborates with organizations like GRI, TCFD, TNFD, PCAF, ISSB, and IFSB to build sustainable value chains and reduce carbon footprints. Dr. Shana's role as a Chartered Financial Planner and Independent Financial Advisor enables her to provide diverse financial wealth services worldwide. Her expertise from corporate MNC and startup backgrounds contributes to a more sustainable future for organizations and the environment through sales and business development roles, harnessing green ESG financing and greentech opportunities.

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